Friday, March 19, 2010

Panasonic DMP-BD605K Blu Ray Player Deal $112.89

I was helping a friend research inexpensive blu ray players when we came across this really great bargain from Amazon. The player is a Panasonic DMP-BD605K and is comparable in features identically with the more known DMP-BD60. The 605 is a model that was made just for Costco and also comes with a HDMI cable from what I understand, and the 60 does not.

This is a great player with excellent picture quality and analog and digital (optical/hdmi) audio outputs. This player also performs admirably in upconverting dvd sources up to 1080p and is BD2.0 certified.

If you have been thinking about getting a cheap blu ray player from Wal Mart or Target, then you should jump on this deal, because panasonic is top rated in blu ray players, and much better in performance and build quality than anything that you will find at any chain department store at the same price.

Panasonic DMP-BD605K (Brand New)


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