Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Value Home theatre is a fascinating hobby, and has matured quite a bit since I first got interested in the hobby over ten years ago. I can remember my first home theatre experience. It was 1994 I believe, and I saw a demo being given for Jurassic Park. It was a VHS tape played on a Pioneer dolby pro logic system, and I was capivated by the experience, especially the low frequency effects of the dinosours walking and roaring. It was from that point that I got hooked on the home theatre hobby. That system by todays standard is very archaic and outdated, especially when it comes to video quality, because the difference in the maturity of the technology available today is like night and day.

Today we have blu ray high definition video and sound, which is the state of the art at the moment. However, DVD is still mainstream in my opinion and it will take another year or so before blu ray becomes mainstream. This is due to the slow acceptance of the technology due to high priced players and movie titles as well as DRM issues. This is especially true because DVD delivers a pristine picture with very high quality discrete multichannel audio, just at a lower resolution, and at a very reasonable price point with little DRM enforced in the hardware. There is also the possibility of upconverting the dvd signal to HD resolutions using the latest DVD players, Blu Ray players, and HD TV's for an even better looking picture.

The focus of my blog will be on high value, high performance audio video gear that will still look and sound incredible but will still be affordable. One does not need to purchase audiophile rated A/V gear to get an acceptable and even incredible home theatre experience in your own home. I will also discuss home theatre do's and dont's, pitfalls and workarounds related to the tech involved in setting up your gear based on my own experiences, and offer advice and tips whenever I can.

I hope you will enjoy reading my Home Theatre blog. Visit often for new content, reviews, and opinions on gear that I am upgrading to, or planning on upgrading to.

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